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Ultimate Retreats

With Wendy & Claire

Why Choose Ultimate Retreats?

Overcoming yourself to become who you want to be can feel like a massive challenge. You may feel like you have tried it all and still you are getting the same results or you may want to expand on what you already do.  Many programs for nutrition and coaching are not directed towards the uniqueness of the individual, what is right for one person may be the total opposite for someone else.  We work differently at Ultimate Retreats, our aim is to create awareness and ownership for the clients so they can truly connect to their authentic self and develop dietary, habitual, emotional, mental and physical patterns that really suit and work for them. 


At Ultimate Retreats we aim to hold space for people to relax and learn about a number of topics that will enhance their well being in everyday life allowing them to gain a full understanding of the distinctive way in which their whole system operates.  Think of it like learning the user manual for the body & brain.

We incorporate segments of training in life mapping, gut health, celular health, nutrition, emotional intelligence, self beliefs systems and mindset/thought processes where we take a look at the whole of a person's life and environment to see what is working really well and what shows room for improvement.  The techniques we use allow a person to chunk down to those bite size pieces where change can take place at a rate and speed just right for the individual.

We also cater for all budgets, we would never want someone to miss out due to financial limitations.  For us it is about building community and helping people progress through their life experience.  If you would love to attend and are wondering about our concessions, please feel free to get in touch.

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Who Attends  Our Retreats?

The type of people who attend Ultimate Retreats normally want to:

The type of people who attend Ultimate Retreats normally want to:

  • Find out what ideal food choices would nourish their body & create more energy.

  • Learn what supports their gut health or depletes it.

  • Discover how Chi moves through the body & make the most of this vital life source.

  • Change negative thought patterns or behaviours.

  • Develop an understanding of emotional intelligence and how to utilise it.

  • Improve self belief.

  • Create supportive gut health habits.

  • Find a deeper connection with themselves.

  • Experience something new.

  • Put the spark back into life.

  • Meet new people & be part of a community.

  • Relax and enjoy some self time.


With beautiful locations, relaxing environments, healthy eating, expert advice, outdoor activities, specialist therapies & personal development you will leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and armed with a new set of tools to help you get the best out of your daily life experiences.  

Our aim....


Our aim is to create a safe and welcoming space where people can develop a new understanding of how their total body system works on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level.  Through generating awareness around these topics via education and physical experiences we want to allow people to explore a new viewpoint and perspective on how they can create their life on purpose.  We aim to help people develop a range of knowledge that will empower them to continually pay attention to the needs of their very unique system and give them the tools to constantly adjust their course to stay in the best possible physical, emotional and mental states. 


We have created a wonderful team of like-minded people whom are all experts in their fields to come together and cater for everyone's needs, ensuring the Ultimate experience is had by all.  We aim to support individuals to return to their everyday lives feeling confident that they can create the changes they desire and connect back to their authentic self.

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"Fantastic weekend.  I loved the food, it has been really inspirational.  Enjoyed the evening talks too"  


"My first retreat experience and it's been amazing, food, accommodation, sessions... I have learnt so much"  


"Loved the food, what an amazing few days.  10/10 experience"  


Nice Things People Are Saying About Us 

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